Building a Strong Brand on Amazon

May 1, 2019

Whether you’re an established Amazon business with flourishing sales or an emerging entrepreneur eager to hit the ground running, there’s one fact you cannot ignore: if you want enduring success on Amazon you must recognize the importance of having a strong, established brand.

People buy from brands they trust. Once an emotional connection is formed with a brand, they are that much likely to purchase from you again, and again and again. With that being said, it’s important to note that goes both ways. A negative experience with a brand will not only keep the customer from making another purchase, but it will also have them bashing your brand to the ones they know and deter them from making the same mistake you did. “No publicity is bad publicity, right?!?” Yes and very much no. That’s a rabbit hole in itself, but what’s important is when people form a genuine relationship with your brand and connect emotionally to what you’re selling, they’re bound to become a loyal customer and evangelists for years to come.

Why having a strong brand is the key to achieving Amazon success:

  • A STRONG BRAND ALLOWS YOU TO CONTROL BUYER PERCEPTION. Your brand is what people say it is. It’s your business’ reputation. With a strong brand, people will have fewer misconceptions about who you are, what you represent, and the unique benefits of your product. Building a strong brand identity ensures your business is perceived the way you want it to be.
  • YOU CAN CHARGE A PREMIUM. Weak brands get trapped in endless price wars. Customers connect with strong brands because their perceived value is higher. This means that goods and services can charge a premium compared to similar offerings with weaker brand perception. Give customers a great experience and you can beat the competition at any price.
  • YOU’LL ATTRACT MORE OF THE RIGHT CUSTOMER. Products without strong brands will continue to struggle to acquire new customers as time goes on. Successful brands understand that customers buy products based on emotion, not just logic. If you understand who your target customer is and arm yourself with a powerful brand that resonates with them, you’ll stand out from competitors and get more new customers in the door.
  • YOU’LL BUILD LOYALTY AND PROFITS TO MATCH. In today’s noisy marketplace, dull, weak brands blend into the background. A strong, consistent brand, however, stays in the mind and makes a lasting first impression. This allows strong brands to stay top of mind the next time a buyer needs a product like yours.

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